Professional training for young mothers

Venezuela In the communities of Baruta and El Hatillo in Venezuela, the number of young mothers is particularly high. Their daily lives are characterized by very limited financial resources. This project helps to improve their living situation through vocational training, for example to become a hairdresser, beautician or baker. In this way, the young women […]

Training as an entrepreneur in the banana sector

Peru Many families in Peru devote themselves primarily to banana cultivation. This project was set up to familiarize them with new technologies for the efficient processing of their surplus produce and to strengthen their business management skills. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 with low levels of education received training in the […]

Training in agriculture

Colombia The economy of the Antioquia region in Colombia generates income through the cultivation and sale of various products, such as coffee and citrus fruits. Livestock farming is also an important source of income for the six million inhabitants. Due to the great poverty, young people in particular see illegal trade as their only way […]

Job application workshop for youth with handicap

Switzerland With the job application workshop, the Appisberg Competence Center supports physically and mentally handicapped young people in their professional integration into the primary labor market. The goal is to increase their chances of becoming skilled workers so that they can shape their future with financial independence. Through group and individual coaching, participants are prepared […]

Early childhood education training for cognitive disabilities

Colombia Research results as well as practical empirical data on the physical and mental development of children confirm that, especially in the first years of life, the family environment plays a central role. In order to improve the quality of life for disabled children and their families, this project provides high-quality training to educators. The […]

Medical care at Monkole Hospital

Democratic Republic of the Congo Monkole Hospital has 110 beds and eight medical departments. A total of 133,000 patients use the hospital’s services each year. Monkole’s goal is to provide dignified, high-quality health care to all segments of the population, especially the marginalized and disadvantaged. Likewise, the focus is on the professional and human development […]

Home for people with disabilities

Democratic Republic of the Congo In Poonamallee (India) there are hardly any institutions for people with disabilities. Therefore, seminarians from the Don Guanella Work began to take care of these children and to keep them busy. In the beginning, the children could only be cared for on the seminarians’ days off. In the meantime, this […]

Basic medical care for islanders

Greece On the island of Folegandros in Greece, the Limmat Foundation supports financially a project which provides the permanent residents of the island with a health clinic that offers free basic medical care. The well-equipped medical office is staffed by a physician and a nurse practitioner.  Without this facility, local islanders would not have access […]