Implementation of the dual education system

Kenya Within the project “Kibondeni”, courses on the topic of “Organization of service processes in the hotel and catering sector” are offered to support the teachers at vocational schools with the necessary skills to conduct practical training in this sector. The trainers supply the young people with theoretical as well as practical knowledge that qualifies them for their field and enables them to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. The aim is to implement the dual education system. This includes the combination of theoretical modules and practical teaching phases in the company. The process of change to the dual system in Kenya is accompanied by a specialist from the Swiss competence centre “Desk Hospitality”. The main beneficiaries of the “Kibondeni” school are girls from very poor families. With the help of the professional training and the diploma they have acquired, their chances on the labour market increase. Successful employment improves the lives of the students and their families who receive financial support from their daughters. The project “Kibondeni” was initiated by members of Opus Dei. Local partner: Kianda Foundation MORE PROJECTS School education for socially disadvantaged children (Ceres) Madagascar, School education Scholarships for children from low-income families Peru, Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, School education Integration of former child soldiers into society Colombia, School education Saberes Colombia, School education Higher education for socially disadvantaged youth (Sesame) Madagascar, School education Micro Enterprise Development for Women Philippines, School education MORE PROJECTS