Scholarships for children from low-income families

Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru The Christian community “Hijas de Santa Maria del Corazón de Jesús” is made up of 663 religious women spread over nine countries. Their commitment is to serve people all over the world. The focus of their work is the education and upbringing of children and young people. They see their responsibility especially in the care and support of those in need. Their goal is for their students to develop a balanced personality that will enable them to live in harmony and responsibly within their families as well as in society. The Limmat Foundation supports the work of the religious sisters in Central as well as South America, i.e. Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru. The financial contribution is used for the maintenance of boarding schools and the awarding of full as well as partial scholarships for the education of children from low-income families. Due to their very poor circumstances, they cannot afford access to education for their children themselves. Local partner: Hijas de Santa Maria del Corazón de Jesús MORE PROJECTS Basic medical care for islanders Greece, Medical assistance Home for people with disabilities India, Medical assistance Medical care at Monkole Hospital Democratic Republic of the Congo, Medical assistance Early childhood education training for cognitive disabilities Colombia, Medical assistance Job application workshop for youth with handicap Switzerland, Professional formation Education for socially disadvantaged women India, Professional formation MORE PROJECTS