Finale 2023 of the Esmeralda Charity Cup

The Esmeralda Charity Golf Tournament Series, which the Limmat Foundation has been running for 28 years, has produced two winning teams in 2023. On the 7th of September 2023, Tanja Portmann and Selwyn von Grünigen (HCP 19.1 and 2.3) won the first prize net with 40 points. The game was played in Four Ball Better […]

Inspiring visit to Africa: Empowering Communities through Social Projects

The Limmat Foundation is happy to share the fantastic experience that Ana von Bock, Limmat’s Programs & Partnerships Manager, recently had on her trip to Africa. With a deep passion for social impact initiatives, Ana embarked on this journey to gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and successes faced by organizations striving to make a […]

Annual Report 2022

In 2022, the Limmat Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary. The team is very grateful for the proven traditions, but also for the many new paths which have been taken since the foundation in 1972. On the occasion of the jubilee, three anniversary projects were selected in Kenya, Bolivia and Lebanon to also let people in […]

Program «Iwoka» reaches more and more educational institutions

The low quality of education in Colombia is paralleled by an increase in social problems among children and young people; problems such as drug abuse, crime and dropping out of school. The latter is, among others, caused by the aggressive behaviour of students within the schools which often ends in bullying and keeps the young […]

Finale 2022 of the Esmeralda Charity Cup

Finale 2022 of the Esmeralda Charity Cup Since almost 30 years, the Limmat Foundation organizes several charity golf tournaments every year. With the participation fees, donations and the support of its sponsors, the Esmeralda Charity Cup finances social projects for children in Colombia. The finale of the Esmeralda Charity Cup 2022 was meant to take […]

14th workshop of the umbrella foundations

14th workshop of the umbrella foundations In 2023, the 14th workshop of the umbrella foundations focused on the topic of “umbrella foundations – a look abroad”. Thanks to three speakers from Germany, France and Luxembourg, 29 participants from 22 Swiss foundations were able to gain new insights into the sector of umbrella foundations in other […]

Saberes: Training for childminders

Saberes: Training for childminders Colombia With the Saberes training programme, the Limmat Foundation finances the promotion of young children. Childminders learn to care for their children and to support them effectively. This broadens the life prospects of the young children in spite of the poverty and educational distance of their families. The evaluation of the […]

A way out of crime for young people

A way out of crime for young people Colombia Tumaco in the rural south of Colombia is considered as one of the most dangerous regions of the country. Poverty and unemployment drive many young people into the clutches of criminal gangs, drug traffickers or terrorist organizations that fight each other bloody. The Fundación Servicio Juvenil […]

Ueli Maurer on the Foundation Board of the Limmat Foundation

Ueli Maurer on the Foundation Board of the Limmat Foundation On the 2nd of February 2023, the former Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer was elected to the Foundation Board of the Limmat Foundation. From 2000 to 2008, he was already a member of the Limmat Foundation’s Patronage Committee and followed with great interest its worldwide commitment […]

Limmat Foundation receives award

On the occasion of Open Door’s 50th anniversary, the Limmat Foundation received an award at a festive ceremony in Athens due to its many years of support and cooperation with the Greek Society for the treatment of people with Spastic. The event was held on the 23rd of November 2022. Open Door supports people suffering […]